Saturday, June 30, 2007

What a BIG BOY!

Here are a few more pictures of our little vacation the other week. He was a little hesitant at first but since the girls were doing it he had to try.

And it didn't take long and my little boy was doing back flips!

Then they raised him really high and he couldn't even jump they were just pulling him down and flinging him to to the sky! He LOVED IT!

And of course he had to try on the blue's clues ears.

And our little train conductors.

Two Years Old

Jaron got a new Georgia Bulldogs outfit for his birthday!

This is what he looked like when we asked him how old are you? Kinda shocked, ya think!?

We had our friends over and this is what Jacob called a "pool party"!

Instead of a birthday hat for Jaron we got blue's clues ears! He loves that show!

And they are with their Thomas hats on just after a bath.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Boys & Trains

The boys slept together when we were out of town last weekend and we had to capture the moment. Also we went to visit some friends in atlanta and ate pizza near the train tracks. Here is Jaron just after experiencing the NOISE of a real train! Shock and Awe!


I know I already put this picture of them sleeping on Jaron's blog...but I couldn't resist, it is so adorable. And here is Jacob just after seeing and hearing a real train. It was very loud and he didn't seem to mind. Oh and this was his first tootsie pop!!!