Sunday, May 20, 2007

Splashing & Mowing

Well Jacob did not want shorts or underwear but I assured him that the neighbors didn't now want to see him naked so he had to atleast keep his underwear on. He is not as easy going about water like Jaron but he was getting used to it. It was cold and going down the slide was risky cause if youd didn't stand up quick you were going to be sitting down in the cold water. One time he did. But didn't cry, he toughed it out and went back for more.

Jaron would not even go down the slide suprisingly. Jacob was trying to talk him into it but Jaron was smart enough to know he was going to fall it the water and he wasn't ready for that.

Here they are in the front yard playing with their bubble mowers. Jacob ran all over the place with his never stopping. I think he was trying to see if the bubbles would run out. They never did. Wouldn't you know that the thing doesn't work right on hills and our whole yard is a big hill. So they have to drive them on this flat part of our driveway. No biggie! And I have to post this since I forgot to the other week. Chris had to go have a procedure done and I had to be there to drive him home afterwards. Well we went into recovery and he was coming out of the anesthesia and very groggy but dressed in his normal clothes with a blood pressure cuff on his arm. Jacob seemed concerned asking what was wrong with daddy. I told him they gave him some sleepy medicine and he was just tired. But Jacob looked at me and was WHITE as a ghost. Even his lips were white. He passed out!!! I was holding Jaron and had to grab Jacob before he fell down. I managed to get him up on the bed with Chris and he was OUT! I couldn't believe it. He eyes were closed and he felt like he was sweaty. After a minute he woke up and said "Mommy but I'm ok I just need some water". The nurse said it is common in kids his age. He is more aware of what is happening. On the way home he saying "Mommy daddy's ok". And I was telling him daddy is just sleepy and trying to make light of it. That was on May 3rd and he stil talks about it every day. Must have been traumatic for him.