Sunday, May 13, 2007

Gaining some weight

Jaron is getting smart with the bar stools. he pushed this in the living room on his own. Anything he can find to stand on that will help him reach the VCR & DVD player. He loves to push the buttons. And in the first picture he is wearing Daddy's patriots hat. He is finally getting some more teeth on top and on the bottom. He weighed 25.5 today so that means he's gained a pound since surgery. I have been buttering all his food! :-) He also seems more talkative. He knows his colors too! He can't speak clearly but we are working on it. For example when he says pink it sounds like "ink". The gagging reflex seems to be coming back a little since the last surgery. I hope he doesn't start throwing up like he used to. Anyway enjoy the pictures.