Monday, May 28, 2007


Both of them are wearing their superman pj's with the capes on the back! Jaron looks like he is trying to fly.

Sharing the blanket and drinking their water together. Sometimes they are friends and like to play together-SOMETIMES!


New PJ's with little cape velcro on the back!!!

This is what happens when you spend all day at the Kia dealership and miss naptime...

Jacob was on and Jaron will not let anyone sit at the computer unless he can sit there too so we captured the moment.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Splashing & Mowing

Well Jacob did not want shorts or underwear but I assured him that the neighbors didn't now want to see him naked so he had to atleast keep his underwear on. He is not as easy going about water like Jaron but he was getting used to it. It was cold and going down the slide was risky cause if youd didn't stand up quick you were going to be sitting down in the cold water. One time he did. But didn't cry, he toughed it out and went back for more.

Jaron would not even go down the slide suprisingly. Jacob was trying to talk him into it but Jaron was smart enough to know he was going to fall it the water and he wasn't ready for that.

Here they are in the front yard playing with their bubble mowers. Jacob ran all over the place with his never stopping. I think he was trying to see if the bubbles would run out. They never did. Wouldn't you know that the thing doesn't work right on hills and our whole yard is a big hill. So they have to drive them on this flat part of our driveway. No biggie! And I have to post this since I forgot to the other week. Chris had to go have a procedure done and I had to be there to drive him home afterwards. Well we went into recovery and he was coming out of the anesthesia and very groggy but dressed in his normal clothes with a blood pressure cuff on his arm. Jacob seemed concerned asking what was wrong with daddy. I told him they gave him some sleepy medicine and he was just tired. But Jacob looked at me and was WHITE as a ghost. Even his lips were white. He passed out!!! I was holding Jaron and had to grab Jacob before he fell down. I managed to get him up on the bed with Chris and he was OUT! I couldn't believe it. He eyes were closed and he felt like he was sweaty. After a minute he woke up and said "Mommy but I'm ok I just need some water". The nurse said it is common in kids his age. He is more aware of what is happening. On the way home he saying "Mommy daddy's ok". And I was telling him daddy is just sleepy and trying to make light of it. That was on May 3rd and he stil talks about it every day. Must have been traumatic for him.

Splashing in the Pool

Well I let them play in the little pool last week but it just wasn't warm enough. I just filled it up so the water was kinda cold but they didn't seem to care. Even though it was 80 degrees here the trees give a lot of shade so there is only a 2 hour window when they can go in the water. I don't want them in it when the sun is behind the trees.

My boys love the water. They would have played all day if I let them. They only way I could bribe them to get out was to get in the bath...MORE WATER! Jaron is cutting about 4 teeth at once right now so nights are rough and sleep is rare. He has a new bad habit of waking up at 6AM every morning too! But that big smile when I walk in just grabs my heart and I can't resist. I have to get him out of the bed. He is hungry and ready to RUN & CLIMB! That is all he does most of the day. Maybe he will be a mountain climber when he grows up. Or in the olympics, who knows. But trust me he is GOOD!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Little Man...

Jacob asked me to get the camera and take a picture of him on the couch. And the others are him wearing Daddy's hat. He's my handsome little man. He told me that we need to get a baby sister in my belly. He wants another one. Well I am not so sure about that right now. My hands are kinda FULL! So I told him "we'll see." He also informed me the other day that I am short and maybe I need to grow some more. How cute. Some of the things he comes up's always something. He told me about 20 times this morning at church "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy." He just hugged me and kissed me and was so sweet today. It makes it all worth it.

Gaining some weight

Jaron is getting smart with the bar stools. he pushed this in the living room on his own. Anything he can find to stand on that will help him reach the VCR & DVD player. He loves to push the buttons. And in the first picture he is wearing Daddy's patriots hat. He is finally getting some more teeth on top and on the bottom. He weighed 25.5 today so that means he's gained a pound since surgery. I have been buttering all his food! :-) He also seems more talkative. He knows his colors too! He can't speak clearly but we are working on it. For example when he says pink it sounds like "ink". The gagging reflex seems to be coming back a little since the last surgery. I hope he doesn't start throwing up like he used to. Anyway enjoy the pictures.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Leaf Cakes!

Jacob looks more and more like daddy every day. So handsome and so sweet when he wants to be.
This was cute! He piled the mulch in the flower bed around a stick in the ground and said "Mommy, I made a leaf cake!" He was so proud.

Doing good post-op

Well Jaron seems to be back to his old self for the most part. He is running and playing with "bubby" like always. They are so funny! We all seem to be having some allergy problems with the pollen right now but it will pass. I am pumping them with straight vitamin C. Next possible surgery could be when he's 5 years old. If not then, it won't be until he's 9 or 10 years old. Now we just need to focus on therapy to get his speech perfected. And he still can't suck a straw or bottle or anything so we still have to teach him that too.
Here's a good close up!
And there he is climbing on the bar stools that we laid in the floor so he wouldn't climb in them so now he climbs on them.
And this is his favorite thing to do-walk around in mommy's shoes. He's pretty good at it actually.
And this was a brave attempt to ride brother's scooter. He didn't get far.