Saturday, April 28, 2007

We're Home Early!

This was in the hotel the night before surgery. Still a professional climber.
Here he is 24 hours after surgery. His tongue was swollen and there was some concern about his breathing so they gave him steroids to help the swelling go down.
And here he is back at the hotel 48 hours post op and after his bath. You can see his chin is a little bruised.
And finally our flight home. I was blessed with an empty seat beside me this time. We just so happened to run into the surgeon in the cafeteria at the hospital Sat morning and he said hey come up to my office and I'll check him out so maybe you can go home early. So we did and he was happy with his palate and how it's healing so we changed our flights and rushed to the airport. THANK GOD we are done with all that!!!