Sunday, April 29, 2007


Here they are my two handsome little boys. This was taken before Jaron's recent surgery. They are sharing goldfish, the chair and the blanket. And as Jacob would say "points for that!" He is hilarious! He gets points for sharing with Jaron, cleaning his room, helping mommy, writing ABC's and so on. Its our way of rewarding him for doing good and trying to focus more on some positive things. He loves it! Once he gets 100 points he gets a new prize AKA cars movie cars or new wooden train.
And here is our little man in his first suit. He was definately chillin' that day! WHAT A CUTIE!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

We're Home Early!

This was in the hotel the night before surgery. Still a professional climber.
Here he is 24 hours after surgery. His tongue was swollen and there was some concern about his breathing so they gave him steroids to help the swelling go down.
And here he is back at the hotel 48 hours post op and after his bath. You can see his chin is a little bruised.
And finally our flight home. I was blessed with an empty seat beside me this time. We just so happened to run into the surgeon in the cafeteria at the hospital Sat morning and he said hey come up to my office and I'll check him out so maybe you can go home early. So we did and he was happy with his palate and how it's healing so we changed our flights and rushed to the airport. THANK GOD we are done with all that!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Out of the Hospital

Well Jaron slept better last night and was awaken this morning to the doctors in his mouth. They had to remove the packing from his palate so he could eat. He ate some applesauce right away and drank some and went to sleep. He is only taking tylenol for pain. His chin is a little bruised from the work that was done but other than that he looks back to normal. I am so glad to be out of the hospital. He is back asleep in the room now with my mother. We are going to see the surgeon Monday morning for a post op visit and our flight leaves at 1:45 if all goes well. Thanks for all the prayers. I'll post pictures when we get home.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jaron's 3rd surgery

Well we got to Boston yesterday "by the skin of our teeth!" It was a rough morning let me tell you. I got up at 4:30am and was pulling out of my driveway at 5:30am to miss Atlanta traffic. When I heard a "thump, thump, thump I just put it in reverse went right back in the driveway. My husband was home thankfully and between the two of us we finally figured out how to get the spare out from under the van. Only to find out it was also FLAT! So he moved the van out of the way on the flat and we transferred my luggage and the boys carseats and I drove his Dodge Truck. It was a little awkward and big but I made it in the traffic to the airport only to find that there was NO PARKING. I had to park and the VERY end of economy parking and I RAN literally to the terminal. When I swiped my skymiles card to check my suitcase the screen said "It's too late to check your bags". WHAT! I just ran my legs off with no breakfast all the way here and now you can't take my suitcase?!?!? I was in tears at this point and I begged the ticket agent to get me on this flight. She said "sorry mam you can just take the next one." NO, I have to get my son to pre-op he is having surgery tomorrow. She saw my concern and spoke with her manager. She came back and I think she broke some laws but she took the suitcase and told me to hurry! I ran to the gate and was the last one to board the plane. So much for going potty. I sat down and took a breath...Jaron was crying and hungry. The wet diaper would have to wait. So I fed him and we took off. He went to sleep and I was restless and still nervous if my suitcase was on the plane or not. So we landed with no problems in Boston on time at 11:15am. I then had to get a cab to the hospital. His pre-op was at 1pm and we got that over with. So finally we checked into our hotel across the street and got to relax. Jaron was climbing all over the room and glad to be free of the stroller. My legs were so sore from all the running, it is more excersise than I am used to. We slept alright and woke up this morning and headed over to surgery. He went back with the nurses at 8:30 for his fistula repair and pointy chin issue. I am trying to kill time by posting here. I will try to post in a couple of days to update his progress. We should only have to stay one night in the hospital and then back to the hotel for a couple days post op before we return home on Monday. Thanks for all the prayers. Oh and incase you didn't know, we made a total of $2500 at the benefit yard sale. PRAISE GOD!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Home Depot Boy

Well here is Jacob in the same little apron Jaron had on. He isn't quite smiling here but he was happy. I took it off Jaron to let Jacob wear it and he ran all over the house. He is so sweet when he wants to be. Today he asked me "Mommy, what is happiness?" Ummmm....I was speechless. How do you explain happiness??? I told him it's when you are not sad, you're happy. That satisfied his curiousity for the moment. THANK GOD! I know as he gets older the questions are going to be more detailed and I dread it. We'll let daddy answer the big ones. ;-)

Home Depot Baby

Check him out! My little home depot baby. He walked all over the house just like this. Serious face and arms out very slow. I guess he thought it would fall off if he ran.
And this was a good day for us. Jaron just finished his first bowl of REAL OATMEAL. He didn't gag once. He ate all of it! I couldn't beleive it. He eats it every morning now the chunks don't even bother him. Thank God he is making progress. Although I think this surgery on the 25th of this month might set him back a little. He has come so far. I don't remember the last time he puked. What a MIRACLE!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Yard Sale Postponed

Well due to unforeseen weather conditions we have postponed the yard sale until next weekend. It will be at the same location, First National Bank of Hall County. We just can't see many people wanting to get out and shop when the high tomorrow will only be 45 degrees. Too cold to go anywhere actually. So please tell all your friends come out next Saturday 14Th to buy some stuff at our yard sale. Thanks for every ones support.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Big Shorts

Caught in the act!!! Jumping on the couch...So fun but not allowed...Just had to get one picture though.
And this is what happens when you leave your clothes lying around at our house. Jacob was CRACKING up laughing running all over the house like this. Our days here at home are always filled with suprises and mishaps.

The Professional

We have to lay our stools down in the floor so Jaron won't fall off of them and break his neck and this is what he does instead. It is so cute and yet so dangerous. He seems to be an expert though.

OOOPS!!! Guess even the pros fall sometimes...