Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Jacob has been writing his ABC's every day and here is one we saved. He also writes his name and numbers 1-10. He is getting better at it all the time.
This day they were running all over the house in our shoes. Jacob said he was making music for me. It was something but not sure if I'd call it music.

Mirrors & Marshmellows

He could not quit looking at himself in the mirror. Look at him smiling. Jaron and the dog were waiting for me to get out of the shower.
This was funny. He normally eats marshmellows with no problem. But this day he wanted to squish them in his hands and then it got all over his face. What a mess!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sticker Fun!

We got a little crazy with the stickers!
What a face! This is his new face he makes being silly.
And look at that cute expression. We were trying to get him to pick up some small veggies but he wouldn't even touch them. He has some sensory issues that we are working on. He is gaining some though. He is about 25 lbs. now. I put a big spoon of butter in all his food.

What A FACE!

Jacob is making his silly face at the dinner table and daddy had to capture it with the camera. Jacob is so talkative and could talk to a brick wall I think. He loves to describe everything and he is to that age where he asks about everything he sees. "Mommy, but why?" I love this boy!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Handsome and Happy

Our Little Precious is growing up. She is 7 lbs. now and Jacob loves her guts out!
Notice he got a haircut. Very short like daddy's. He is so funny these days. The other morning we woke up and the first thing he said was "Mommy when I get 5 I will be big to take precious outside to go potty and big to do the dishes." So adorable. And yesterday at church he looked at Jaron and said you are my best friend. Then he said Jaron you're my whole world. I have no idea where he heard that from, but I almost cried.

Watching Baby Einstein...THEY LOVE IT! (can you tell)

Eating and Growing

Well here is Jaron in his famous hiding spot. He loves to run down the hallway and take the corner and hide there.
This is cute one of him dressed for church. He looks so grown up here.
Here he is at potty practice. He likes to go in and sit down on the potty. Haven't tried to actually get him to go yet. He just likes to copy brother, which will be a big help real soon.