Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Handsome Brother

Jacob is so handsome, his eyes are going to be what girls can't resist ONE DAY 30 yrs from now.
And oh that brotherly love. Here he is hugging his brother with all he's got. Notice Jaron trying to get away.
Here's the two of them all ready for church. Jacob loves to dress like Jaron. I don't have matching vests but this was close enough. It took 3 tries to get one with both of them smiling at the same time.

Cutie Pie!

We were out of town and the hotel didn't have a crib so we put Jaron in the bed with Jacob. This is how they fell asleep.
Here Jaron is writing on his magna doodle that he LOVES so much!
And here is Jaron in the floor seconds after I walked out of the room. Thank God I put the pillows there, just in case!
Our handsome boys all dressed for church.
Here's a good close up of Jaron's lip and nose for those who want to see how bad the scar is and if you can even notice. I feel like he looks almost "normal". His top lip isn't quite perfect so that is what gives it away. But the scars aren't very visible at all.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Jacob is growing up. He's so heavy and I can barely carry him anymore. One day soon he'll be bigger than Mommy.
Jacob got a little carried away with the paint the other day. He think it needs to be all over his hands front and back. Silly boy!
Here they are, my two monsters playing in the bath tub. Mommy usually gets a bath while trying to bath them....They love to splash.


Bathtime is so fun! They love to take baths. If I even say the word Jaron goes running to the bathroom. What a SPLASHER!!!And oh what a CLIMBER. He loves to climb in the toy basket and sit on top of all the stuff.
Look at that smile. He's so cute and his little personality is adorable.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Christmas Morning!

He got Mater the tow truck from Cars Movie!
He got Cars Movie Leap Pad Book.
He got an Aqua Doodle!
He got an etchascetch pen.
And Lightning McQueen Car from Cars Movie! Man we have seen that movie so much we all can quote it. I would be suprised if Jaron starts saying "Mater withouth the ta". Jacob says it everyday. Love those boys. Thank you to all the family who sent money to make this Christmas a good one for our boys.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another Year

Thursday Jaron had a swallow study done using the Barium (thick white stuff). They added it to his food and he was sitting between 2 x-ray machines and we watched it go down. He swallowed different thicknesses and his milk with no problems. So they said nothing is wrong with him physically causing him to gag and puke. It's just learned aversions and we can fix it with occupational therapy. I am so relieved that he is normal.
Jaron is so happy when he's not sick. We had about a 2 weeks break and he got another sinus infection. After 2 weeks of a green nose and coughing all night every night the doctor finally gave him an antibiotic today. So hopefully we will get some sleep this week. He is learning to eat some various snacks and trying new things with Occupational Therapy every week.
We are about to start speech therapy also. He is trying to talk a lot more lately. Trying to say Baby and Bubbles and apple and much more. But things just don't come out right. It's almost like he says those words without using his top lip. If you can imagine that. So we are going to work on it and I am massaging his lip and cheeks to help those muscles losen up. Everything is so tight after surgery and since I have been rubbing his lip he seems to move it more now and licking his top lip when eating too. What a little personality. He is not scared of anything. He would jump off the table if I let him. NO FEAR! So we have our hands full. And daddy wants more kids. Um....I am not sure if Mommy can handle anymore. :-) I used to think I wanted lots of kids but never knew they would be so full of energy. Maybe girls are different....but we can't be guaranteed a girl so not sure if I want to try.