Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Glucose Test

Well I went to the doctor Wednesday. I had to drink the glucose drink before I went in and then they drew blood to check for gestational diabetes. I went up to see my doctor and she was glad to see I finally gained some weight. She also said I passed the glucose test "with flying colors". I was kinda suprised since I had so many minature heath bars the night before. But I have never had that in previous pregnancies so I didn't think it would be a problem this time. I am not even swelling around my ankles with this one either. I think it's because I am pregnant in the winter. It is nice not to be so hot all the time. I am drinking my 64oz a day trying to prepare for the upcoming ultrasound Jan 9th. The more I drink, the more fluid builds up around the baby and it makes the ultrasound pictures come out more clear. We are thinking of taking the boys with us to this one. If they will behave I think they will enjoy it. It might be our last ultrasound and this might be our last baby so I wanted to let them go. We have decided on a name, JONAH AVERY. It's final I am tired of talking about it. We are sticking with it and Jacob keeps saying he's glad we picked a name too. Anyway, check back Jan. 9th for some more ultrasounds.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Million Dollar Smile

Well I made these iron on's months ago and forgot about them. I just put them on shirts yesterday and they are so cute.

Jacob and Jaron have seen someone put a pencil behind their ear. So this is what they did yesterday. Crayons behind their ears.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Another Check Up

I went to the doctor last week and we heard his heartbeat again. I was having some pain in my stomach and she said he sounded like I pulled a muscle. And after thinking about it that does seem possible. I was the one climbing all over the van with the kids on our trip to FL. Or it could have happened when we went bowling. I don't know but it is all better now. It only hurt for about 3 days. Thank God that is over with. Other than the headaches my pregnancy is going good. Just like the other two. We are just anxious to see him. He kicks a lot after I eat. We still can't decide on a name. I like Jonah or Josiah and Chris likes Jace. I think we should wait until we see his face. I can't wait until Jan 9th to get more pictures of him. My next check up is Dec. 26th. I get to drink the glucose drink....yeah....and get my blood drawn to check for diabetes.

The wheels on the bus

Jacob wanted to pose with the dog. Poor thing, he's got her in a headlock.
And this is the look I get when they are tired of taking pictures.
BIG HUGS! Brotherly love... They have their good days and bad days.

Say Cheese!

Jaron got a new outfit and we had them all dressed for church.
So we tried to get a picture in front of the tree but Jaron couldn't wait to see it. He runs toward me before it even flashes.
And here it is. I learned to not count to 3 and just tell them to say CHEESE.

The other morning they got in my bed around 6:30am like usual. We pull up my shirt and talk to the baby. Jaron was rubbing my belly and he said "open". I said open what? "Open Mommy" I said open my belly? He said "yeah" I said you want to get the baby out? "yeah" It was so cute because he just kept rubbing my belly and kissing it. The baby kicks a lot but Jaron hasn't been still long enough to feel it.

Oh and he pooped in the potty last week. He actually told me he had to go and he did. I couldn't believe it. But each day since he waits until his bedtime diaper goes on then he poops in that.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Playing with TONS of beads at our aunts house in FL. Looking like Mr. T
Our quick visit to the beach while in FL for thanksgiving.
My hair after sleeping for 2 hours in the van...
My winter hat that I love to wear every day in the house or outside.
Puckering for the camera...Handsome little boys.
This is Jaron's silly cheezy smile. LOVE IT!!!
Blowing bubbles for the first time. Tasted them for the first time too.
Riding his bike on our last day of warm weather.


We drove to FL for thanksgiving and made a quick visit to the beach. I asked Jacob to smile for a picture and this is what he did...don't ask
And here I just said "look out at the water so I can get a picture and this is what he did...again...look at the silly face.
We went bowling and he loved it...
Then they took a ride on the bull
And the dreaded 8 hour drive home. They slept for 2 hours like this. Children sure do have it made.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Jacob pulled another tooth in his bed the other night. He was so excited that he did it by himself and he didn't cry. So that is 2 on the bottom now and the one that got knocked out early from the top.
Here is the big boy bed they sleep in now in Jacob (and now Jaron's) room. They love it. The problem now is trying to get Jaron to stay in it and not climb up with Jacob at night. I am just glad we got it now so they can get settled and used to it before the baby arrives in April.

I'm a big kid now!

Well here they are...daddy's little buddies.
Something about watching them sleep. He is so sweet. I had to take this picture. Jaron is getting his second set of tubes put in his ears Tues. 20th at 8:15am. He continues to get ear infections and this will help the problem. He is also in a big boy bed now. No more crib. We are preparing for baby brother on the way. He is now sleeping in the room with his brother. He also is potty training. Doing alright with that. He knows he shouldn't poop in his underwear so he waits until I put a diaper on at bedtime to do his business. Smarter than we give them credit for.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


This is how I found Jacob the other day. I did not tell him to put those glasses on and I did not tell him to get that book. He was just sitting there when I walked in and immediately walked back out for the camera.
Early morning picture before things got too crazy. Jacob drinking his chocolate milk and still holding the dog he sleeps with and Jaron with a mouth full of peanut butter chips. The first thing he goes for in the morning.
And here are those silly glasses again. I don't know about you but I was dying laughing!!!
And one more thing. The other day on Curious George, Jacob learned about onions and how they make you cry. And later on he said to me "Hey mommy, you don't have to spank us anymore" my response was "oh really" and he said "yeah, you can just make us bite a onion." And that my friend is the logic of my 5 year old.

Silly Boys

Granna bought these glasses and the boys look hilarious in them.
No matter how many times I say "get off the table" they still get on it every day. So I give up. This was too cute to fuss at them. That is one of the hardest things about parenting, not laughing when you shouldn't.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rabbit teeth

Here's Jacob wearing the same teeth Jaron had on in his blog pictures. Silly Boys!
Here's a cute one of them together dressed for church. I had to have Jacob hold Jaron's shoulder so he wouldn't come running toward he camera. It turned out good.
This is what happens when Jacob tries to draw or color at the counter. Or do anything for that matter. Jaron wants to be right there with him. Jaron likes to color but he also likes to throw crayons so we have to sit him in the high chair under supervision if he is going to do any kind of art work.
My big boy! I can't believe he is 5 years old. He is so heavy. I can't pick him up anymore. Sometimes he still comes in my bed in the early morning hours. He told me this last time that he wanted to get in my bed so I wouldn't have to be by myself. (daddy works 3rd shift) How sweet...He's warming up to the idea of a brother. Now that we know it's not a sister he seems to be ok with it. He did cry at first though. "I wanted a sister"

Daddy's Little Boy

Well Jaron has grown very fond of daddy over the last few months. He likes to lay in the bed with Chris and on the couch with him a lot. He go into his room and gets a blanket from his crib and brings it to the couch to lay with daddy. It's adorable.
They were ready for church but Jaron can't wait to see the picture on the camera so I said smile and he is running toward me before the camera clicked. "I wanna see!"
We got some silly teeth from a candy machine or something and thought this would a moment to capture. He walked around with them in for a few minutes. He knew it was funny. I ask Jaron "Where is mommy's baby?" and he pats my belly with both hands and says "baby belly". And he also will just come up to me at any given time and lift my shirt to kiss my belly.

It's A BOY!!!

We went back today for more pictures of the baby. The lip and nose are definately not cleft affected. THANK GOD!!! The palate looked good but it's still early to know for sure. So I go back January 9th for more definate answers about that. It is definately a BOY! We are happy with that since he does not have a cleft and we have everything we need to cloth a boy. We aren't quite set on a name yet though. We are taking suggestions. I want a "J" first initial and an "A" for second initial. Leave me a comment if you can think of any good ones.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

T-shirt Head

This is just before bedtime. So they are a little delirious and just acting silly.

Chipmunk & Bubbles

Jaron loves to eat those peanut butter morsels used to bake with. And they are great for calories since he's so little. Well this time he got a little too much in his mouth. He looks like a chipmunk.
And this was taken the other night. I tried to be cool and put a lot of bubbles for them to play. Well Jaron kept wiping his eyes and mouth with his bubble covered hands. He couldn't figure out why the bubbles wouldn't go away. It was tear free but he still didn't like the taste.
And once again a handsome little picture of them all dressed up for church. We don't always dress them alike.