Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Morning

We found a way to rig the tree for the boys on Christmas morning. And here are some pictures of Jaron opening his presents. You can see pics of Jacob on his blog.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Falling Trees!

This is what happens when your one year old gets too close to the tree. The stand broke so now we don't have a tree. Oh well, better luck next year.
What a cutie in his new little pants without a shirt.
Jaron got into the dogs water, can you tell.....notice the soaking wet hair
My two handsome boys all dressed up for church.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Good News!

Well Jaron is eating so good now, taking anything we give him. Cheerios, cheetos, goldfish, pretzels, fish stick and he even bit a chicken finger from burger king last sunday. I could not believe it. I hope this means he is over the gagging so easy and puking so much. He is only taking zantac now morning and night. I guess that is helping. Not sure and I don't want to stop the med to see if he pukes without it. I put him on our scales here at home just now and it said he weighs 22 pounds. Not sure how accurate that is but it sounds good to me! He weighed 19lbs. 5oz when he was sick and got IV fluids the other week. Thanks for praying everyone!!!

The boys' grandma was here this week and they had a blast. Or should I say we did, shopping every day and getting lots of new toys! This is a good picture I got of them the night before she left.

My handsome little men

Well the boys are getting so big and so cute. Jaron gives hugs and learning to give kisses too. He loves watching Baby Einstein on the "little TV". Jacob was enjoying a candycane in this last picture. He just told me this morning we need to get a baby sister....I said NOT YET!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Feeling Better Now...

They were just a little mezmorized by whatever they were watching. And how cute in their matching PJ's.
Well Jaron went to the Hosp for IV fluids and we got them. And now he seems to be over whatever he had. He is eating and really likes things he can put in his mouth himself.
Here's a cute one of him in his little wind pants. We really like this outfit on him. He was being. shy hiding and I caught him smiling. So thanks for the prayers and now we just need to worry about him getting chicken pox. He was exposed to them Sunday at church in the nursery. So now we just wait and see. It can be up to 21 days before they even show up.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mommy begged for water...

Well Jaron has been sick AGAIN. He started coughing and fever on Thanksgiving day. He started puking the next day. He puked for 6 days and I went to the doctor and 2 diff. hospitals trying to get some fluids for him. He was so dehydrated. No wet diapers and no tears and his lips were so dry they were cracking and bleeding. I begged, cried, yelled and complained. They all keep saying he has a virus. FOR SIX days I don't think so! This is not normal, he couldn't keep down anything I put in his mouth. So I went to the pediatrician Thursday and saw a different doctor (they rotate) and she held my hand and apologized. She said all I can say is sorry. I am sorry someone hasn't done something sooner. She wrote up the orders and sent us to the hospital for IV fluids and 24 hour observation. FINALLY someone listened...
So Jaron got his fluids and drank milk while in the hospital with no nausea meds and kept it all down. Well when they discharged us Friday (yesterday) we came home and he climbed up on his brothers bed and PUKED ALL OVER IT! I couldn't believe it! So it's still a mystery as to what is wrong. I wonder if we will ever find out. He has lost 2 lbs. in 3 weeks and is down to 19.5 lbs. now. So little and all his clothes are falling off. Sometimes I feel like such a bad mom, I try so hard to help him gain...please say a prayer for us.