Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well Jaron has coughed ALL DAY LONG! NON STOP. I am going crazy! Prescription cough meds did nothing...vicks vapor rub and in the vaporizor did nothing...nasal drops nothing...breathing treament NOTHING. I have held him most of the day and my back is killing me so I put him in the bed just now to see if he would go to sleep. (he normally does all by himself when he's not sick) Well he's is coughing as I type. Poor baby. I called the hospital and they said if he's not wheezing then there is nothing they can really do. I AM GONNA hurt the next person that says "we have to let it run it's course". Still can't post pictures....Maybe one day I'll get a second to call Bellsouth and see what's up with that. I don't think it blogger. I am getting a bellsouth error. Sorry you can see his sick little face. Gotta go he's cry bad now. PRAY!!!