Thursday, September 07, 2006


Jaron's scar is barely noticeable now. Of course we can tell he had surgery but strangers don't seem to notice. It is so nice to finally go to Wal-mart without all the stares and double-takes. Finally we can have a normal day without all the questions and weird looks. He does have 2 teeth on the bottom barely showing.

Here is one daddy took of him in the carseat the other day. On the way home from church. He loves riding in the car. And he hums and trys to sing with every song we play. I hope he's going to be a singer for the Lord.

We got him ready for church the other night and he just sat in the floor like this. It's NOT normal for Jaron to sit still like this unless he is tired or filling his diaper. Don't let the clothes fool you he is still not gaining very good. Everything is big on him.