Monday, September 25, 2006

Playing ball and TOOTHLESS

Jacob fell out of his bed at 4am Sat. morning and knocked
out his front tooth. He is too young to loose his teeth so we called the dentist. We took him to the dentist today and they took an xray and found that there is nothing left in there. THE ENTIRE TOOTH came out. And guess what mommy passed out!!! I have never passed out. Chris got me before I hit the floor and put me in the bed. WHAT A DAY! He will be getting a partial Nov. 1st. He probably won't get his permanent teeth until he is 7 years old so we had to get something to fill that hole!
Jacob loves to play basketball in his room and he wants me to take pictures. The have learned to sit in their chairs together and watch a little tv without hurting each other. :-) Jaron has learned defend himself a little now. I actually caught him hitting Jacob in the head the other day. My life is going to be so fun!