Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sitting at the computer

Well Jaron is a definate climber! He has learned to climb on everything. He is still puking daily now because of cold causing him to gag on his drainage. Everything I own has been puked on. We went to the doctor yesterday and they gave him some cough med w/ decongestant & codeine. It tastes so bad he BARFS every time I give him the stuff! He was up until midnight last night so he has cried, puked and slept most of the day today. I hope next week is better than this one.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Playing ball and TOOTHLESS

Jacob fell out of his bed at 4am Sat. morning and knocked
out his front tooth. He is too young to loose his teeth so we called the dentist. We took him to the dentist today and they took an xray and found that there is nothing left in there. THE ENTIRE TOOTH came out. And guess what mommy passed out!!! I have never passed out. Chris got me before I hit the floor and put me in the bed. WHAT A DAY! He will be getting a partial Nov. 1st. He probably won't get his permanent teeth until he is 7 years old so we had to get something to fill that hole!
Jacob loves to play basketball in his room and he wants me to take pictures. The have learned to sit in their chairs together and watch a little tv without hurting each other. :-) Jaron has learned defend himself a little now. I actually caught him hitting Jacob in the head the other day. My life is going to be so fun!

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Well Jacob is 4 years old now! I am speechless. He got some more Thomas the trains for his birthday but he wanted a Blue's Clues cake. So here it is! He also was trying to show Jaron how to play the guitar. What a moment. He has grown 3 1/4 inches since last year on his birthday. He is now 3 ft. 4 1/2 inches and he weighs 37.5 lbs. I am sure it won't be many more years and he will be bigger than me.

Growing & Climbing!!!

Well Jaron's teeth are showing better now. He has discovered how to climb on the coffee table and STAND UP on it! Also he likes to stand on that little stool and look out the window. I put that guitar on him with a belt around his back. Thought it was cute! Jacob was holding his bigger guitar. Check out his blog to see more pictures of that day. I have been weight Jaron once a month to keep an accurate log of his weight gain. He was weighed Sept. 8th and was only 20lbs. 10oz. He has only gained 2 oz since last month. I am trying to pack in the calories but sometimes he just can't take it all and pukes it up. Other times I think its the sinus drainage in his throat that gags him and causes him to puke. So when you can't do anything else for us just PLEASE PRAY FOR POUNDS!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Swimming & Smiling!

Well the boys got to swim again the other day. And Jaron was loving slide. I would put him at the top and he would go down by himself. I just caught him at the bottom so his head didnt' go under water. The water was cold and the sun was behind the trees so they didn't stay in long.

Here's the boys dress alike for church again. I don't know why I do it. Maybe it's just feels better if they match. I don't know but everyone says they look a lot alike too. Jacob always fakes a smile. So funny! He might just turn out to be a comedian.


Jaron's scar is barely noticeable now. Of course we can tell he had surgery but strangers don't seem to notice. It is so nice to finally go to Wal-mart without all the stares and double-takes. Finally we can have a normal day without all the questions and weird looks. He does have 2 teeth on the bottom barely showing.

Here is one daddy took of him in the carseat the other day. On the way home from church. He loves riding in the car. And he hums and trys to sing with every song we play. I hope he's going to be a singer for the Lord.

We got him ready for church the other night and he just sat in the floor like this. It's NOT normal for Jaron to sit still like this unless he is tired or filling his diaper. Don't let the clothes fool you he is still not gaining very good. Everything is big on him.