Friday, August 04, 2006


My handsome little man all dressed for church. He is officially walking. ALL OVER THE HOUSE! He looks so funny because he is walking earlier than Jacob did and it seems strange to us. But we are so glad he is developing normal.

Here's a good close up of Jaron and his handsome little lip and nose. I spiked his hair for fun and he grinned for the camera. He can't seem to get his hands out of mouth though. I noticed yesterday that the skin is breaking where his first tooth will come in. We haven't gotten much sleep either because of it. Tylenol and Orajel just aren't enough. I'll try to get a good picture of the tooth once it comes through. Oh and I can't forget to annouce how well he is doing on baby food. He has gained 2 lbs. in 1 month. I am SO PROUD! I have been feeding him a jar of something -sometimes 1 hour apart from each other just to pack in the calories. And he is on pediasure now for extra calories and nutrional value.