Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Someone gave us this pool and Jacob loves it. Just the right size for him and Jaron. We put it on our back deck because our yard is too slanted.

Jaron wasn't quite sure what to think of the pool. He loves taking a bath so once he got used to the water he started splashing like crazy! Maybe now they can get some sun on those white little bodies.

Healing Happily

I took Jaron to Boston yesterday for his post-op visit and Dr. Mulliken was very pleased with Jaron. He said Jaron will have the underbite (normal for bilateral cleft kids) but he should have "the best" results on his nose because his nostrils will not widen at all. We are very pleased with all he has done for us and I thought you all would like to put a face with his name. He is the best!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Teething & Coughing

We have all been sick with cold/congestion. And Jaron is also TEETHING. None have poked through yet but I know it will be anytime now. He cries and yells a lot with pain in his mouth. Mommy is praying for teeth FAST. He is standing up at anything and cruising all over the house holding on to things. I know it won't be long until he takes off with no help at all. I took him to the doctor the other day for the cold and he has gained one pound since surgery May 4th. I was HAPPY. I add things to his bottles to get him all the extra calories we can. Still no success with food. He is gagging on everything but milk. Even that sometimes if I squirt it in the wrong spot. And then I get puked on~about once a day!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day !!!

Check this out! Jacob wrote this all by himself. I was telling him which letters to write and where but he did them alone. (Oh I forgot I did help with Jaron's name-he was getting tired of writing) Can you believe it! What a Father's Day present!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Trip to the Dentist

My handsome boys dressed for church. Jacob loves it when they dress alike. Not quite the same shirt but close enough.

Jacob likes to sit at the coffee table and color with the huge set of crayons, markers & paint that he got for Christmas. He had his first trip to the dentist the other day and did GREAT! They take the kids back by themselves and I was so worried he might pitch a fit. But he held the girls hand and went right back there. She said he didn't even cry. They did x-rays, cleaning and flouride for 1 hour and he was so good. I am glad to report he has no cavities!

Naptime with Mommy

Well Mommy and Jaron took a nap today in the recliner. We were tired. Didn't even know that Daddy took this picture. How peaceful...

What a happy little boy! He still isn't eating food. We are starting Occupational Therapy this week. He still has problems gagging when food sticks to his palate. Pray for his palate to work this week. We need him to eat food. He still only drinks milk. 6oz. every 3 hours. Still a little underweight too.

What a sleepy little guy. He fell asleep shortly after this was taken. Look at those eyes. Isn't he gorgeous! He sure does love that blanket. When we get him out of the bed in the mornings he won't let go of it. I think its precious...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Having a Blast!

Jacob went swimming today at our friends house. He got in this baby float because Chris and I weren't prepared to swim-as you can see Jacob went in fully clothed. He loved. Can't swim on his own yet but sure does love to try!

What a Miracle!

We just can't get over Jaron's new mouth and nose. We are so happy and just want to share pictures with you all. The left one is a few days old and the right one is today just before he got a bath. I know some are so anxious to see under that tape so I have to post pictures without it. Thank you all for your support and prayers. And for any of you who knew Chris was laid off March 31st and has been looking for work since then. He had a interview with Wrigley's 3 weeks ago and they finally called him to come to work!!! PRAISE THE LORD! He starts June 19th and just about what he was making at his other job. Wrigley's-you know the GUM company! They have great benefits and aren't very far from our house. Thank God because we can't afford the gas. Just had to share that great news with everyone. Jaron is starting occupational therapy Thursday to help me and help him learn to eat. He still gags when I try to feed him so we hope that gets better soon. We'll keep you posted.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Jacob sure does love Jaron. I know it will probably change as they get older and start to fight over toys and things. But for now I am enjoying the sweet little hugs and kisses they give each other. Thank God for my handsome boys. Jacob is still learning Bible verses in Sunday school and he's getting better at writing his name too. It won't be long and he will be 4 years old. Man time really does fly!

Getting better all the time

Well Jaron is now 4 weeks post op and seems to be doing good. He still doesn't have any teeth but I think when they do come through it will be all at once. His gums are looking pretty red and swollen. We are so happy to be back to normal here at home and we still can't get over Jaron's new look. Thank you all for your prayers. We want to give God all the glory for taking care of our family through this and meeting all of our needs.