Monday, May 22, 2006

Close up w/o tape

Here is a good close up of his lip without the tape on it. We are taping it for anyone who is wondering. They recommend keeping taped for 6 weeks post op to keep the scar pulled tight. Jaron has just had a runny nose lately and it gets wet and falls off a lot so this was between changing the tape. What a cute little lip!

Jaron has starting eating baby food FINALLY without gagging. I am so happy! Maybe now he might gain some weight. He was enjoying his first jar of carrots here in this picture. What a mess!!! He is doing good and recovering nicely. Not to mention his ear infection and cold/congestion at the moment. But we are so happy to have those surgeries behind us. Now comes the BILLS!!!!!!

Daddy cut Jacob's hair like his. Very short! Mommy isn't so sure that I like it. I don't think we will do this again. I like to part his hair over to the side. He really has none to comb right now.

This is what Jacob did at the hotel with the basket on his head. We were so bored and ready to get home.

Friday, May 12, 2006

My New Face!

This is the last one I will post of him with his cleft lip. He was so cute wearing Daddy's hat.

This was in the hospital same day of surgery very swollen and still had the nasal packing in.

Here is Jaron in the hotel with his stitches still in his lip & nose. He seemed to be alright. Just taking regular tylenol. You might can tell his face is still swollen some.

Here is a good veiw of him laying down. You can see there are still some stitches in his top lip and in the nostrils. They come out or dissolve on their own.

Profile veiw of our handsome little boy's "New Face".

Daddy caught this cute little face. He kinda looks like he has a milk mustache.

His surgery was May 4th for those who didnt' know. He went in at 7:30am and the surgeon made the first incision at 9:30am. He takes all the time necessary to make the markings before starting. I was glad to hear that. What an amazing job he did. We are very pleased. It lasted 10 hours and we went in to see him in recovery. Then we got his room and stayed there 2 nights in the hospital. They removed his stitches on Tues. 9th under quick anesthesia, 30 min. He did great! Jaron has a little cold but other than that he seems pretty well back to normal. Thanks for all your prayers and please check the blog weekly to watch him change and grow. God Bless you all.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Florida and the beach!!!

We made a trip to FL last week and this is at Jacob's great grandparents house. He loved this little car. He doesn't have one of these at home so he couldn't get enough.
Here is a cute picture of him running from the birds.
This is his first time at the ocean watching the water run over his feet. He didn't take long to get used to it.
Here is is watching the birds eat the chips he threw out for them.
And here is the final result. We were only out there 3 hours and he had on 45 Bullfrog sunblock. This is what happens when you never get in the sun for the first 3 years of life and then you stick them out in the florida sun. He recovered quickly and now he has some good color.

Trip to Florida

Jaron loved this swing. When he would stop swinging he cried. He did not want to get out of it either. We have to get one of these at our house. This was at my grandmothers in Florida. We made a quick trip down there last week.
This is Jaron's first visit to the beach. We brought the play pen and he was under a tent w/ 45 sunscreen on. He didn't get any sun. But Jacob on the other hand. Well you'll have to check his blog to see his beach experience. Click on the link to the right that says "Meet my brother Jacob".