Sunday, April 23, 2006

Standing Proud!

Well I put Jaron to bed as usual the other night and went in later to find out what all the banging was about. And this is how I found him. BUSTED! He has evidently learned to stand up in the bed now and was slapping the wall. You might say..."How funny" Well it was for a minute until I figured out that he will no longer be laying in his bed. He stands up right after I lay him down every time. It's a battle of wits now. I lay him down leave the room and back up he goes. Over and over until he is so tired he can't hold his eyes open and he gives up. Mommy wins again.
Well this was just adorable. Jaron is wearing his bathrobe after a fresh bubble bath. My boys are adorable....The girls are gonna be chasing them...I can see it now.
And today was a big day for him too. Not only can he pull up in the bed with rails to help. He pulled up, from sitting down, to the coffee table. I couldn't believe it. He is learning so quickly. He is crawling better and better. I'll get a picture of him soon. Thanks for reading.