Friday, March 31, 2006

Handsome Little Boys

This picture was taken before we left for church the other day. Jacob thinks it is so cool when they get to wear matching shirts. I guess we could have taken the bib off Jaron for a second.
Here Jacob is talking on the phone to his grandmother. He likes to talk and sometimes asks to call people but when he is done he will cut you off in mid sentence. It is so funny! He says "Okay, Bye!" and he hands the phone off to me or Chris never even waiting for you to say bye. He is getting so smart. He has learned 3 or 4 bible verses in Sunday school and can quote them and tell you where they are in the Bible too. He is getting better all the time at writing his name. And he still can't seem to get enough of Jaron. When I put Jaron in the floor to maybe try and crawl Jacob thinks that is an invitation to lay on him and roll him across the living room. My my what do I have to look forward to. :-) There I inserted his latest name art. He did this in Sunday School and is getting better all the time.