Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Doing Good & Gaining Weight

Well I was going to post some cute pictures but the thing isn't cooperating. I will just tell you that Jaron is doing great. I have been putting him on our scales at home and he was 15 lbs. forever well yesterday he was 16.5 and today he was 17lbs!!! I am so glad. He is finally gaining some weight. Man is it hard when you know your baby is too little and you feed them all they can handle. I felt like such a failure mom. Thank God for calories. It's funny I am trying to lose and Jaron is trying to gain. We are getting used to this squeezy bottle KINDA. I add cereal to every bottle so it will be thicker and not pour so fast into his mouth. Also we are trying all kinds of baby foods this week. He really liked squash and he eats oatmeal every morning too. I am going to try peas today. We'll see how that goes. Maybe next time I can post some pictures. He's getting cuter all the time!