Thursday, March 23, 2006

Boys will be boys...

Here is a cute one of my two handsome boys playing together. Jaron sits in the floor more now and plays with Jacob and of course big brother needs to show him all of his toys and how they work. It is so cute watching Jacob talk to Jaron. He doesn't realize that Jaron can't catch a ball yet. Sometimes in the morning when I can't make myself get up and Jacob wakes up he will go in and check if Jaron is awake and if he is Jacob will climb up on the side of the crib and talk to him and play with him. He is great with Jaron~ for now. I am sure when they get older things will change.
Here is a very funny picture I took the other day. I sat Jaron down and popped in Baby Einstein to see if he would like it. And apparently he did. So while they were watching (in matching pj's) I snuck a picture. Wow, my boys are getting big! Maybe one day I will have a girl----I said maybe.