Friday, March 31, 2006

Handsome Little Boys

This picture was taken before we left for church the other day. Jacob thinks it is so cool when they get to wear matching shirts. I guess we could have taken the bib off Jaron for a second.
Here Jacob is talking on the phone to his grandmother. He likes to talk and sometimes asks to call people but when he is done he will cut you off in mid sentence. It is so funny! He says "Okay, Bye!" and he hands the phone off to me or Chris never even waiting for you to say bye. He is getting so smart. He has learned 3 or 4 bible verses in Sunday school and can quote them and tell you where they are in the Bible too. He is getting better all the time at writing his name. And he still can't seem to get enough of Jaron. When I put Jaron in the floor to maybe try and crawl Jacob thinks that is an invitation to lay on him and roll him across the living room. My my what do I have to look forward to. :-) There I inserted his latest name art. He did this in Sunday School and is getting better all the time.

Learning to Stand

I stood him up in his crib and he just holds on all by himself. He hasn't pulled up on his own yet but I am sure it won't be long.
This is a neat toy we had for Jacob and Jaron seems to like it too. It plays music when you touch the things on top so it keeps his attention. He will stand there for a while before falling on his butt. You can tell he knows he is doing something big. Notice there are some new links on the right side of my website. Check them out when you get time. I wrote a poem for the boys. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Boys will be boys...

Here is a cute one of my two handsome boys playing together. Jaron sits in the floor more now and plays with Jacob and of course big brother needs to show him all of his toys and how they work. It is so cute watching Jacob talk to Jaron. He doesn't realize that Jaron can't catch a ball yet. Sometimes in the morning when I can't make myself get up and Jacob wakes up he will go in and check if Jaron is awake and if he is Jacob will climb up on the side of the crib and talk to him and play with him. He is great with Jaron~ for now. I am sure when they get older things will change.
Here is a very funny picture I took the other day. I sat Jaron down and popped in Baby Einstein to see if he would like it. And apparently he did. So while they were watching (in matching pj's) I snuck a picture. Wow, my boys are getting big! Maybe one day I will have a girl----I said maybe.

Growing Leaps & Bounds

Jaron is growing. I haven't taken him to the doctor to get an exact weight but I can definately tell in his clothes. He is sitting up now with no problems except when brother plays too rough and knocks him over. :-) He doesn't have a clue what is coming up in 42 MORE DAYS! We are trying to prepare once again for another surgery and recovery. I think this one will be harder. It is going to change him so much and I know we will miss his big smile. I just keep telling myself that by his first birthday he will be through with recovery and can have a normal bottle or sippy cup and a pacifier. So we are on the count down again and I hope this one flys by like the first. Thanks for everyone's prayers.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Precious Pictures

Here is some cute pictures of Jacob with Jaron. He loves holding him and has been very good since his surgery. The one of them in the bath together was their first time bathing together. It was at the hotel. Jacob loved it! Enjoy...

Pictures~Playing~3 wks. Post Op

Here are some pictures of Jaron so happy and playing since his surgery. I finally got the thing to let me post them. For any of you who noticed he isn't wearing the arm restraints in some of the pictures, This was his break times when mommy was sitting right there making sure nothing went in his mouth. Guess what? Only 48 more days until his lip/nose surgery!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Long Time No Post...

Well Jacob sure is glad to be back home. He was excited at first when we got to Boston. And then when he figured out it was boring and smaller than home he was ready to leave. He was having night terrors at first and we starting talking to him about missing home and how we can't wait to get in our own beds and how we missed our dog and things that are on the walls in each room. It worked! He slept every night after that we would just talk to him before bedtime each night and he would also say he wanted to go home that he didn't like the hotel and that he missed his room and his bike. So I guess he was just having these feelings and didn't know how to tell us so he would cry out in his sleep and actually sit up with his eyes open and pitch fits and things. Sleeping the entire time. It was scary. So I of course have some cute pictures of him and Jaron but once again the blogger isn't cooperating with me so I'll try to post them again soon. Thanks for reading.

Doing Good & Gaining Weight

Well I was going to post some cute pictures but the thing isn't cooperating. I will just tell you that Jaron is doing great. I have been putting him on our scales at home and he was 15 lbs. forever well yesterday he was 16.5 and today he was 17lbs!!! I am so glad. He is finally gaining some weight. Man is it hard when you know your baby is too little and you feed them all they can handle. I felt like such a failure mom. Thank God for calories. It's funny I am trying to lose and Jaron is trying to gain. We are getting used to this squeezy bottle KINDA. I add cereal to every bottle so it will be thicker and not pour so fast into his mouth. Also we are trying all kinds of baby foods this week. He really liked squash and he eats oatmeal every morning too. I am going to try peas today. We'll see how that goes. Maybe next time I can post some pictures. He's getting cuter all the time!

Monday, March 06, 2006

We're Home!

Here is some pictures of Jaron after his surgery. He is doing alright. We are so glad to be home. He is drinking better and we are also starting some foods this week to see how he does now that his palate is closed. He had oatmeal really watered down this morning and he seemed to like it. He was opening his mouth for another bite each time so that is a good sign. I hope this will help him gain some weight. Thanks for all your prayers. We are on the count down now for his lip surgery May 4th~59 more days!!!