Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jumping and Lovin' It!

Jaron is jumping so good in this thing. He just laughs and smiles and jumps so high. In the picture above he is actually in motion I can't beleive it didn't come out blurry. Anyway, he had to go to the ER Friday night. He was majorly dehydrated. I could not get him to drink anything. He has no tears, pea or slobber. So they put an IV in his tiny little arm and we stayed for a while to let that get in him. They also did a blood test to check his electolytes and test for infection. He got a chest xray too and they didn't find anything there. There was no sign of RSV but it could come back. The blood test showed low electrolytes but that was before the IV solution and also revealed he had a viral infection that we just have to wait it out. So that was Friday and he is still coughing and congested. The doctor gave him acuhist for his symptoms and I have given it to him religiously to help subside them but it's just not going away. We have to get him better before surgery. Please pray.