Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Four Days Post Op

Well yesterday Jaron was 4 days post op and we saw his dr. again to check his palate. He said things looked good and we should come back again wednesday to check again before going home. So I am happy. Jaron is doing good. We just hang out at the hotel and try to rest when he does. Jacob has been having night terrors and thanks to a friend I talked with- last night was so peaceful. We talked to him about missing home and missing our beds and things like his bike and daddy's truck and mommy's car. We all said we miss home and when I asked him if he wants to go home he said "Yeah, I don't like the hotel". I could have cried. He was feeling this way and didn't know how to tell us. So we talked it out and he didn't have any bad dreams last night. He just got up once to pee. Man that was a blessing. Jaron is very gassy and is trying to get used to these new bottles we are using. It is definately a change. Oh and by the way, he has to wear the arm restraints 5 or 6 weeks not 4 like I thought. So pray for us. I take them off some and let him play and bend his elbows but he puts his hands right to his mouth so I have to stay right with him. Thanks again for all your prayers.