Wednesday, February 08, 2006

First Biter Biscuit

Well Jaron had his first Biter Biscuit and he liked it ok. I mean by the looks of him he had a lot of fun with it. But never got to finish it because he dropped it on the floor and broke into 3 pieces. But anyway if you haven't already noticed he is not wearing his NAM anymore. I just put it in for him to drink a bottle. He is getting ready for surgery now only 15 more days! Wow it really is going fast. He is all better now. No more coughing or congestion. Jacob either. I think we are past that. We go to the doctor tomorrow to weigh him and see if he has gained anything. I have tried several things in the last few weeks to give him more calories but anything with milk in it "tears him up!" Severe stomach aches. It is not just the lactose in the milk it's the caesin (cow's milk protein) also. He can't handle it. So I have just been putting rice cereal in every bottle and on my scales at hom he has gained a pound but I don't know how acurate that really is. I can't wait for tomorrow.