Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Not up to par...

Well I thought I would get a cute picture of the boys in their new matching PJ's...but Jacob is just not up to it. He has been so sick this last week. Coughing like a dog and running 103 fever. I feel so bad for him. I guess it was just a virus. He layed on the couch for 2 days doing nothing and that is not like him AT ALL. He just started playing again but he can't seem to shake the cough. I have tried everything. We are using Jaron's nebulizer for Jacob and vicks vapor rub and robitussin and a vaporizer in his room at night. What else can I do. He doesn't have much of an appetite either. The fever last two days and he also had some diarrhea but that has passed. And did I forget to mention the nose that is running A MARATHON. Please say a little prayer for him to "Get Well Soon". Anyways, he didn't feel like smiling but I still think the Pj's are cute.

Sick & Tired...

Well Jaron got over the RSV in Florida and when we got home Jacob was sick-coughing, fever & runny nose. So I couldn't get him to stay out of Jaron's face and he got Jaron sick too. So Jaron has been sick-coughing, fever and diarrhea. He only drank 3oz. during the whole day yesterday and I finally got 2oz. in him before putting him to bed last night. And today he did a little better drinking 3 oz. every 2 or 3 hours and fever & diarrhea is gone. Jaron however is still coughing his little head off as I type....poor guy. Jaron's surgery is coming up on us so fast. I am getting a little nervous about it. I am also ready for it to be over with. He is getting so smart pulling all his tapes off pretty much DAILY. When I used to only change the base tapes once a week. So I have been keeping his NAM out a lot just putting it in for feedings. He has almost mastered the art of sitting up on his own. He laughs so much now. Jaron is unfortunately still underweight. He doesn't even register on the chart for the national average. He only weighs 14 lbs. 5 oz at 7 months old. I have ordered a calorie booster to add to his bottles so pray for weight gain. He surely can't afford to lose any weight after surgery. But, what a blessing he has been to us. Thank God for our little miracle baby.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh so Happy!

We went to Florida last week Wed-Sun to visit family. Jaron was sick with RSV the whole time we were there. I think the humidity was good for him though. He is over the worst of it. Just a mild cough now. This is a good picture of him daddy got while he was relaxing in his walker. He is so happy! He laughs so much now and is going to jump out of his jumper soon. He is getting very good at it. He still wakes up every 3 hours at night for a bottle and he is not gaining weight much at all. He only drinks 4 oz every 3 hours. He is 14lbs. 4oz. now. He still holds his bottle, which is so great for me. We have 37 days until surgery!!! Wow time is flying!

Wild Hair!

Here he is looking so silly. I wet his hair and spiked it up for the picture. It is getting long and ready for a cut. He went to NH with his daddy last wednesday on an airplane and flew back Sunday night. He was coughing and runny nose the whole time. He is still a little sick but getting better. We are glad to be home. I love that handsome face. I just want to squeeze it off!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Smart Little Man

Here he is eating Arby's. Jacob is getting so smart. Learning Bible verses for Sunday School and writing all his ABC's now. We are so proud of him. He writes his name and his brothers name. I caught him sitting on the couch the other day "reading" his little bible. He stayed there about 15 minutes. I was so proud. He loves church and loves to quote verses. We are working on teaching him all the books of the Bible. He has memorized from Genesis-Ecclesiastes. We are still working on the rest. He is going to New Hampshire with his daddy today on an airplane and he is so excited! Maybe he'll get to see some snow. Mommy and Jaron are going to Florida on an airplane too. We are all flying back home Sunday. Have a good weekend!!!

I know I'm cute!

Jaron was sitting up in the Boppy Pillow playing with his toys and next thing I know he was asleep. He must have been pretty tired to go to sleep like this. (notice the bib) He has been sick the last few days. It started out as a cough Thursday. So Friday I took him to the pediatrician and he said it is the beginning stages of RSV. (Respitory virus) Then Saturday night he started wheezing a little so I went to the ER because RSV can be serious if you don't monitor their breathing. So the tested him for RSV with a nasal swab and it was positive and also did a chest x-ray. He had some streaking in his right lung which is caused by RSV. Since it's viral they can't give him any medicine it just has to run it's course. So we went home with nothing but a diagnosis. But it's contagious to babies and elderly so I didn't go to church Sunday and then Monday his breathing was worse so we went back to the pediatrician and they gave him and breathing treament and gave us the little nebulizer machine to bring home. Also one of his ears is infected AGAIN! He has to have 4 treatments a day for the wheezing. And antibiotics for his ear. He is not gaining any weight. I have been adding more calories to his milk and he still lost an oz. over the weekend. He is burning all his calories trying to breath. Poor little guy. Please say a prayer for him.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Notice his bib is turned backwards. I thought he looked like super man. He is really getting good at this jumper. We are counting down the days now, 49 more days until surgery....Thank the Lord!

Leaves & Cheetos

We finally decided to rake our yard and get rid of all the leaves. Jacob was having a blast!!! We piled them higher than his head and he was laying down in them hiding from us.
Jacob was eating cheetos and this is what he looked like when he was done! I had to capture the moment. :-)