Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Morning

We found a way to rig the tree for the boys on Christmas morning. And here are some pictures of Jaron opening his presents. You can see pics of Jacob on his blog.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Falling Trees!

This is what happens when your one year old gets too close to the tree. The stand broke so now we don't have a tree. Oh well, better luck next year.
What a cutie in his new little pants without a shirt.
Jaron got into the dogs water, can you tell.....notice the soaking wet hair
My two handsome boys all dressed up for church.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Good News!

Well Jaron is eating so good now, taking anything we give him. Cheerios, cheetos, goldfish, pretzels, fish stick and he even bit a chicken finger from burger king last sunday. I could not believe it. I hope this means he is over the gagging so easy and puking so much. He is only taking zantac now morning and night. I guess that is helping. Not sure and I don't want to stop the med to see if he pukes without it. I put him on our scales here at home just now and it said he weighs 22 pounds. Not sure how accurate that is but it sounds good to me! He weighed 19lbs. 5oz when he was sick and got IV fluids the other week. Thanks for praying everyone!!!

The boys' grandma was here this week and they had a blast. Or should I say we did, shopping every day and getting lots of new toys! This is a good picture I got of them the night before she left.

My handsome little men

Well the boys are getting so big and so cute. Jaron gives hugs and learning to give kisses too. He loves watching Baby Einstein on the "little TV". Jacob was enjoying a candycane in this last picture. He just told me this morning we need to get a baby sister....I said NOT YET!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Feeling Better Now...

They were just a little mezmorized by whatever they were watching. And how cute in their matching PJ's.
Well Jaron went to the Hosp for IV fluids and we got them. And now he seems to be over whatever he had. He is eating and really likes things he can put in his mouth himself.
Here's a cute one of him in his little wind pants. We really like this outfit on him. He was being. shy hiding and I caught him smiling. So thanks for the prayers and now we just need to worry about him getting chicken pox. He was exposed to them Sunday at church in the nursery. So now we just wait and see. It can be up to 21 days before they even show up.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mommy begged for water...

Well Jaron has been sick AGAIN. He started coughing and fever on Thanksgiving day. He started puking the next day. He puked for 6 days and I went to the doctor and 2 diff. hospitals trying to get some fluids for him. He was so dehydrated. No wet diapers and no tears and his lips were so dry they were cracking and bleeding. I begged, cried, yelled and complained. They all keep saying he has a virus. FOR SIX days I don't think so! This is not normal, he couldn't keep down anything I put in his mouth. So I went to the pediatrician Thursday and saw a different doctor (they rotate) and she held my hand and apologized. She said all I can say is sorry. I am sorry someone hasn't done something sooner. She wrote up the orders and sent us to the hospital for IV fluids and 24 hour observation. FINALLY someone listened...
So Jaron got his fluids and drank milk while in the hospital with no nausea meds and kept it all down. Well when they discharged us Friday (yesterday) we came home and he climbed up on his brothers bed and PUKED ALL OVER IT! I couldn't believe it! So it's still a mystery as to what is wrong. I wonder if we will ever find out. He has lost 2 lbs. in 3 weeks and is down to 19.5 lbs. now. So little and all his clothes are falling off. Sometimes I feel like such a bad mom, I try so hard to help him gain...please say a prayer for us.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Eating so good!

Jacob is eating so good right now. He eats two bowls of cereal in the mornings and is asking for pancakes before lunchtime. I am so glad thought because he is so skinny and has never really eaten good. It's always bothered me. I want him to get what he needs but we have always had to force him to eat anything.
Here is a cute one of the boys in the rocking chair. Jaron is getting more and more addicted to this blanket. If you didn't already notice it is in all 3 of the pictures I posted on his blog.

Well we put up our Christmas tree and Jacob said "Mommy you are a good builder" He said he loves the tree and cannot keep his hands off the little remote to change the lights blinking pattern. What is it about guys and remotes?

Coughing, Crying & Puking...

WHAT A RELIEF! He is asleep. Since last Wednesday Jaron has coughed puked and not eaten and barely drinking anything. The milk definately makes him puke so I have been giving him water & gatorade with a medicine dropper. He is so weak and tired. I wish my baby would get better.
This is the only thing he will do without me holding him. Watch baby einstein. Otherwise I have to hold him or he is sleeping. My back is killing me to say the least.
Now here's a cute one. He fell asleep in the living room floor and precious thought it was a good place for her to get comfortable also. His face is shiny because I put vitamin E on his dry cracking lips and on his scars. The doctors say it's just a virus and it will pass. WHEN!?!?!?!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Our New Puppy!

Well here is another pic of our dog precious. She is adorable. Jacob tells me everyday "I love her mommy, because I am going to take care of her". He cannot keep his hands off of her. And this picture of him sitting at the counter just shows how big he is getting. I can't believe it, he is so heavy I don't pick him up anymore. Kills my back! He is going through a growth spurt I think. He wants 2 bowls of cereal in the mornings and snacks all day long between full meals. This picture daddy took today of the boys playing while I went to the doctor. This is Jacob's fake smile. Showing the missing tooth oh so well.

New Puppy!

We got a new puppy and here she is! Her name is Precious and she is a teacup poodle. She is only 3 months old and 3 1/2 lbs. The boys LOVE HER! Jaron lost 1 lb. last week while he was sick which he cannot afford to lose. He is back to eating now and has started a new thing. He goes to bed like normal at 7pm and wakes up around 1am for a few hours crying and will not hush or sleep. He wants me to hold him and I give in feeling bad letting him cry. Well it has been 4 nights in a row and MOMMY IS TIRED! I too him to the doctor today to make sure nothing was wrong and she said it is strickly behavoiral. I need to let him cry and break this habit now before it gets any worse. He stops crying when I hold him and screams the second I put him in the bed. He is so smart. He knows mommy's weakness. Oh and the cough has returned. I don't remember the last time he wasn't sick! What a day, what a week, what a month!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oh toothless one....

Well Jacob got his new tooth last Monday and pulled it out on Thursday. So that didn't last very long. He asked me to take it out a lot and said it didn't hurt he just wanted it out. I guess it felt funny to him. I don't know. So the dentist is holding it in his file and we might try to re insert it in a few months. We'll see. This picture is of him in Florida driving what I call a flinstone car at my grandparents house. He loves them! He knows Mimi has the red car.

Sick again---Florida vacation

I took the boys to Tampa, FL last weekend to see my family. We all shared a king size bed and this is how I found the boys when I went to bed one night. They rolled and kicked and squirmed all night.
Jaron puked 3 times Sunday, 2 times Monday and once Tuesday and Wednesday. I think he has a stomach virus though. This is not gagging while eating. I can tell his stomach was hurting and he was tired all the time and very whiny. Thank God there was no puking on the planes. We put him in this little car and he didn't know what to do. He went backwards a little.

This is a cute one of him in the swing at my grandparents house. He was so tired and really didnt eat much while we were there. I hope this ends soon. I can't take much more vomit perfume.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Tooth!!!

Well Jacob got his new tooth Monday and he was asking me to take it out right when we got in the van to come home. He didn't cry when they put it in. He has bands around his back molars and a wire behind the top teeth to hold it into place. I think it looks pretty good. He is still getting used to having. He tells everyone-everywhere we go "LOOK AT MY NEW TOOTH!" The other picture is of them at my mom's house wearing silly baskets on their heads. Jacob was carrying around the back scratcher acting silly.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Daddy's Boy!

Well Jaron is getting some better after going back to the doctor Saturday with a diagnosis of Croup! No RSV thank GOD! He is on antibiotics for an ear infection in his right ear and for the congestion. He seems to be getting better. What a cutie in this little tie. He got so many compliments that day at church. Thanks for the prayers. Occupational Therapy starts tomorrow-hopefully on a weekly basis. We'll keep you posted.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Camera Shy...

Here is Jacob playing in the sand at the park. LOVIN IT!

This is what he does when he is mad. I was trying to get a picture of him all dressed so handsome for church and this is all I got.

And here's the opposite. He is trying to be shy. Knowing he is not shy at all. He just didn't want me to take his picture. That little smile is so cute.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Well here are the pictures of my little monkey at the park. He was loving it! He climbed onto his changing table the other day so this was his dream land. He also can climb onto Jacobs bed-oh let me add that picture too.
I don't know how he does it...I mean I do but I just didn't think baby's were capable. I guess mine it. Jacob wasn't a climber like this but he sure is learning a few things from his baby brother. I took Jaron to Atlanta to see the speech therapist and occupational therapist today and they are going to schedule him for a swallow study and a side veiw xray. They think he has something wrong internally causing all the vomiting. Also I am calling tomorrow to get an appt. with a pediatric GI doc. We will get to the bottom of all this puking. If he could get over the cough it might help matters. I sure do hope he gets better soon. He is so pitiful lately. Coughing all day and dont' have much of an appetite.......

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well Jaron has coughed ALL DAY LONG! NON STOP. I am going crazy! Prescription cough meds did nothing...vicks vapor rub and in the vaporizor did nothing...nasal drops nothing...breathing treament NOTHING. I have held him most of the day and my back is killing me so I put him in the bed just now to see if he would go to sleep. (he normally does all by himself when he's not sick) Well he's is coughing as I type. Poor baby. I called the hospital and they said if he's not wheezing then there is nothing they can really do. I AM GONNA hurt the next person that says "we have to let it run it's course". Still can't post pictures....Maybe one day I'll get a second to call Bellsouth and see what's up with that. I don't think it blogger. I am getting a bellsouth error. Sorry you can see his sick little face. Gotta go he's cry bad now. PRAY!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sorry no pics...

Well I have tried twice to post pictures and something isn't working right with blogger or my internet service provider. I don't know but I just wanted everyone to know Jaron is not puking daily anymore. He is still congested and coughing at night some. But he is back to eating food daily almost every 2 hours. I have started adding butter to all the vegetables and brown sugar to his sweet potatoes for some "candied yams"! He seems to like them much better. I figured all the butter might help him gain some too. He still hasn't learned to suck from a sippy cup but I know it won't be long. He loves water and chews on his cup to make some come out. He has a tooth on top. Not sure if I already posted that or not. We went to the park today and I got pictures. I'll try again tomorrow to post them. thanks for reading.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


This first picture is what Jacob drew. Its a slide. Notice the steps on the left and the slide going down and to the right. I thought it was very good. He is getting very creative. Here is another on of him painting with watercolors. He loves to mix all the colors and make brownish black. And the last one is a little something he had gotten addicted to lately-blowing bubbles. He loves it! We go out on the back deck and he uses a whole bottle each time. Thank God for dish soap!