Friday, December 30, 2005

54 Days until Surgery!!!

Well we got a new surgery date with Jaron's new doctor and it is set for February 23rd. I am so ready. We will keep everyone posted on how things go. We will be out of town for about 7 days and I will be sure to post pictures when we return home from his surgery. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. God has been so good to us. Jaron is doing good. Holding his own bottle and growing so good. He is really trying to roll over and pushes up when he is on his belly. I can't let him stay on his tummy because he could bump his mouth so I take the NAM out and let him play a while then I put it back in. He won't drink without it now. He has gotten so used to it. He got it at 4 weeks old so when I do take it out he seems lost. Won't take his passy or anything. He still loves to chew on his fingers though. We had to get him bibs for Christmas. This boy goes through about 7 or 8 bibs a day SLOBBER. No teeth just lots of drool. Anyway let me see if I have another cute picture to post.

Ok this is Christmas day same as the last picture I just took out his nam to get him smiling/laughing without it. I just had to share this one. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas was great!

Here is a good one of Jacob holding his brother. He was having a good time. We made sure he knows that Christmas is Jesus's birthday and he doesn't know who santa is. We don't feel like we should lie to our kids about that. We also told him that Jesus was the best gift ever. We want to make sure he understands the real "Reason for the Season".
Here is a cute one of him watching his new DVD player he got. It was intended for the car but he enjoys it much more in the house everyday. Notice the popcorn can in the floor. He was chillin'.

1st time in the high chair

Well I put him in the high chair to see if he would like it and he did. I put these toys up there that he got for Christmas and he played and love it. It looks like he is waving at the camera. So cute. Jaron had a good Christmas. Got toys and diapers and clothes.

Here is a good one of him smiling in his christmas outfit. It was late and we had a long day. He was still happy. He was actually cracking up laughing in this picture.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Holding his bottle

Jaron is doing great holding his bottle. What a relief for mommy now that he is also over the ear infections and drinking much better now. Here lately he has been taking 4oz every 2 hours instead of the normal 4oz every 3 hours. He is doing great! I can't wait to see how much he is gained next time we go to the doctor.
Here he is out like a light. He was laying on my chest sleeping with me and I woke up and layed him down on the couch like this and he didn't budge for a while. He was obviously very tired.
Here is my sugar with his daddy. He is a cuddler. He likes to lay on our shoulders and grab our faces with both hands like a hug. He is starting to laugh a lot and much happier off all the meds.
Here is the boys all dressed up for church last Sunday. They are so handsome....
Jacob really does love to hold his brother. He always gets in the position and holds Jaron then says "Mommy can you get the camera?" He is so hilarious. Then after I take it he says "That was a good one".

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Jumping and Smiling!

Oh how he loves to jump! I hope this will help him to strengthen his legs since he won't be able to crawl until after surgery. We can't even let him roll over because he will bump his mouth and believe me that does not feel good. He is gaining weight and drinking more on his own now. We are still trying to get over the ear infections he had. He is on his 3 dose of antibiotics. Please God heal his little ears. He has been sleeping in his carseat for the last week. He prefers sitting up to sleep rather than laying down with the ear ache. Thanks for reading.

My Two Boys...

Jaron was holding his bottle and Jacob wanted to be in the picture holding his cup. Look at that face. He loves to lay with Jaron. Man how time flys! They are both getting so big too fast.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Big Smile w/o his NAM

I love this precious smile and I know that I will miss it after surgery. He has truly been a blessing to our family. What a cutie pie!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Love~Holding his bottle~Mommy & Me

I just had to get this one. What a perfect saying for a beautiful little boy.
He has been trying to hold his bottle and sometimes he does better than others. I think his double ear infections have cleared up. After discovering the Amoxicillan wasn't working and he is allergic to Cedax. We finally made it through all that.
Here is one of me and Jaron. He is precious. He is smiling more and more and just loves to touch my face. I think he looks so much like Jacob did at that age.

Growing up so fast

Here is a good one of Jacob in his carseat. He is getting over a bad cold/cough. I think he has bad allergies like his daddy. I love those eyes.