Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Loving his brother

When I lay Jaron on a blanket like this Jacob can't resist him. He just loves to kiss him and talk to him and make him smile. He gets right in his face and says "Hey sugar, he sugar dunklins" Jaron loves him too. They will play good together when Jaron gets bigger.

Teether & Jumping

I gave Jaron this frozen teether to see how he liked it. He licked it a few times and I guess decided it was too cold cause he didn't want it anymore after that. I don't think he is teething his gums are not swollen or anything. But he always sucks on his fingers.
I had his NAM out in this one trying to let a sore heal. He loves to jump in this thing that hangs in the door way. What a great invention! Jacob loved it too. He will jump there for an hour before making a peep. I think it puts pressure on his belly and relieves the gas pains.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Adorable Moment

Here is another adorable moment. Jacob loves to hold his brother. He is so proud when he does. I can't wait until Jaron can crawl around and play with him. Jacob wants to take a bath with him but it's too soon. So maybe one day Jaron will be able to sit up and they can play in the tub together.

Diaper & Swinging

Here is a cute one of Jaron in his diaper. He loves to play with his toes and this picture was posted for all the grandparents out there who just want to squeeze him but can't get here. We know you would be here if you could. We get lots of comments on his eyes and how serious he is. He will stare at anyone right in the eyes just like this.
This is a cute one of him swinging. He loves it! He is learning to shift his weight and make it go faster than it is set on. He was hitting the wall with the swing yesterday. What a cutie!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Feeding his brother

Jacob was trying to feed Jaron. I had to capture the moment. Jaron is trying more to hold his bottle on his own too.

What a little Man

Well here he is, our handsome little man, all dressed and ready for church. He was doing great there for a while drinking on his own. And he does it still sometimes. But he will only drink like half his bottle for me and I usually squirt the rest. I am getting frustrated~wishing there was another way or a better bottle or something. We went to the GI doctor and he said Jaron was growing good and I needed to lower my expectations and try not to compare him to Jacob. It is so hard because Jacob was a big baby and Jaron is so little and feel like he is not getting enough. The doctor was very nice and made me feel better. He suggested adding some stuff to the breast milk to give him more calories. We are trying it but I think it tastes bad. Jaron isn't very interested in drinking now. I don't know what to do. I will be so glad when he can suck a bottle on his own and I know he will drink when he is hungry and I don't have to force him. Let's see, we have 75 more days until surgery!!! Thank God! This has flown by. He has been wearing the NAM for 121 days, can you believe it?!?!?! I think going to NY every week keeps me busy so time is flying by. Thanks for all your prayers.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Jacob wrote his name

Check this out he did it all on his own. On top is how he wrote his name and below that is a little man. The first one he ever drew with legs and very long feet. I asked what the lines were coming out of his eyes and he said "he's crying mommy". And of course you can tell this man has crazy hair!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cuter than Cute!

Here is another picture of our handsome little man. He is so sweet to Jaron. The other day in the car I looked in the back seat and he was holding Jaron's hand. He wasn't saying anything, just reached over in his car seat and holding his hand. So precious. He told me the other day he wants a baby sister. I said NO WAY NOT RIGHT NOW!!! :-)

So far so good...

Well since Jaron is actually drinking on his own now and I don't have to squirt it in his mouth, daddy was able to feed him a bottle. He usually drinks about 3 oz. on his own then I squirt the rest. I think it's acid reflux causing him discomfort. We have an appt. with a GI doctor Nov. 16th.
We went to NY monday and he does not have any sores from the nasal stints. And that is great being his first week with them. The doctor added some more to them making them a little bigger. Everything is looking good and Jaron is laughing more all the time.

Friday, November 04, 2005

90 more days!

Well if everything goes as planned we only have 90 more days until Jaron's surgery. I thought this picture was appropriate. Showing how tired we are and so ready to be done with this. Flying back and forth to New York in one day is hard but we know it is the best for Jaron. One day we will be able to tell him all about it. I think this whole process is harder on Mommy than him. He seems to be doing well with the nasal stints. He is still drinking most of his bottle on his own. I think he needs to build up those muscles since I have been squirting it for so long. He is starting to laugh more and more. Jacob is the best at making him smile. Two boys....I am going to have my hands full when they are teenagers.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Brotherly Love!

Jaron got his Nasal Stints

Well he got his nasal stints yesterday and he seems to be doing ok with them. He is actually drinking a bottle now with them. I think it helped open up his nostrils so he can breath better and I don't have to squirt the milk in his mouth. Thank God! I felt so bad doing that and he would cry the whole time. But I knew he had to have it. So maybe this will continue. Hope you can tell the difference in the picture. The wires are connected to the NAM and curve up around into his nose. The part in his nose is covered in soft material. He seems to be happy and less gassy too since he isn't crying while drinking. Thank the Lord it is getting better.