Monday, August 08, 2005

Big "J" and Little "j"

This is our new nick names for the boys. Jacob thinks it's great! Here they are laying on our bed together. Jacob can't get enough of Jaron. He loves to hold him and kiss him and he tells me all the time "I love his NAM mommy". What a great big brother! He has to get a second set of tubes in his ears tomorrow at 10:15am. He is keeping fluid on his ears and the others he had in there have been out for some months. So they say he will be able to hear better with more tubes, not that I think he can't hear now but with fluid they say it sounds like you are under water all the time. So anyway, say a little prayer for him tomorrow. He will be put to sleep, the procedure is 30 minutes so not bad just scary to be put to sleep. We'll keep you posted. Thanks for reading.