Monday, July 18, 2005

Projectile Spit up!

Well Jaron has been spitting up more and more with each feeding so I thought he might have acid reflux. Believe it or not it is very common in babies and I looked online and it seems he has all the symptoms. So I made an appointment with the pediatrician, they are open on Sunday's, Thank God. And we dropped Jacob and Daddy off at church and I took him to the doc during the sunday school hour. He does have acid reflux and they gave him Zantac to help with that. I have noticed a difference. No more projectile MESS! He still spits up some but not much. He also suggested I add rice cereal to his bottles to help settle his milk in his stomach. I think it is helping. So they say that he could be on Zantac for months or up to a year old. They eventually grow out of it. 2 MORE DAYS~NY here we come! :-)