Monday, July 04, 2005

Our trip to the ER

Jaron was having trouble drinking last night because his mouth was bleeding from the bottles rubbing it raw. I was getting worried because he had been too long without anything to drink so we took him to the ER and they put a tube in his mouth to feed him 2 oz. immediately since he had already been crying for 2 hours at that point. They ended up giving me some medicine to numb the sore area and told me to be sure and keep vaseline on his cleft and on the nipples of the bottles. He drank 11/2-2 oz. every 3 hours today at the hospital so they sent us home and I hope they have a better solution when we go to Children's Hospital of Atlanta Friday. He should be getting molded for his NAM on Friday. And it takes them a week to make it so he should have it by Friday 15th. Anyway, we are home now and he is sleeping great and I also got a full nights rest at the hospital so I feel much better too. Thank you for all your prayers.