Friday, July 15, 2005

Our 2nd Trip to Atlanta

Well we went back to Atlanta today to get his NAM and Dr. Granger said he had already talked with Dr. Grayson in NY about Jaron. We discovered he has what they call bands. It is little peices of skin holding that middle peice over to one side. The center peice is called the premaxilla and they need to center that with the NAM but cannot until they cut those bands of skin. So we will see Dr. Cutting in NY wed. and they will numb it locally to snip the skin (they are very little). Then when they cut it loose they think the premaxilla (center peice sticking out) will move over on it's own. So then they will put his NAM on up there (Dr. Granger gave it to me to take to NY) or if the premaxilla moves too much they will have to mold him for a new NAM. So he is not currently wearing it because it won't help anything until they cut that skin. We'll keep you posted.