Friday, July 22, 2005

Jaron Got His NAM!

Well today is the big day! We went to CHOA today at 2pm and saw Dr. Granger. He put the NAM on Jaron and sent us on our way. This is going to be a lot of work for us but from what they tell me it will help him to drink a bottle better and take in less air. I hope so. Tonight will be the first night so please say a prayer for me that he sleeps good. He definately looks different and it is a change for us since we have gotten used to his cute little face these last 3 weeks. But we know it is what he needs to prepare things for surgery. They say it does not hurt him and he did better than most leaving the office asleep. He did drink a few oz. with it in so far and seems to do alright. We walked in the dor and Jacob just said "Jaron's got his bandaid" He knew what to expect from all the pictures he has seen. He's a great big brother. Remember to check the blog and I will keep you posted.