Thursday, July 21, 2005

First Trip To New York!

Well we made our flight on time Wed. morning and Jaron slept the whole flight it was wonderful. And my friend came and got us from the airport and took us to the hospital. Everyone was so nice at NYU. We finally got back to see Dr. Grayson and he looked at the "Simon Arts Bands" and said Dr. Cutting was on his way. So when Cutting got there he looked and said yes we have to snip them. He said I should go out and it would take 2 minutes. So they numbed him with lidocaine and when they were all done they brought him to me and he was asleep. His mouth had lots of blood around it and on his tongue. They wanted me to wait about 45 minutes before I fed him to make sure the bleeding was stopped. He would not take his bottle so to make a LOONNGGG story very short....he SCREAMED the 1st hour of the flight back home and slept the second hour. He screamed when we got home wanting a bottle but wouldn't take one. So now I am feeding him with a medicine dropper. Poor little guy's mouth hurts and I sure do hope it gets better soon. Dr. Cutting said he had to put one stitch and it will disolve and they said wait and let Granger put the NAM on this Friday when we go. So that is the plan unless he thinks we need to mold him for a new one now. His premaxilla is very moveable now so that is good. We go to Atlanta Friday @ 2pm. Check back later that night or Saturday for possibly a picture of him wearing his NAM or just an updated post. Yesterday was very rough and I am going back Aug. 3rd too. Keep us in your prayers.